Are you a book club member?  Kobo eReaders are now available for borrowing from our school library.  See Mrs. Morrow for a consent form, bring it in and you are ready to go. The Kobos come preloaded with 100 classics, plus at least 75 YA titles.  Our collection is growing.


FREE eBooks
The Get Smart with Your Money series is designed to help you get ready to face a series of firsts: first job, first credit card, first car, first budget, first bank account and investments, and first apartment.  Username: bayside password: library Type the word first into the search screen to find most titles. You’ll find “How Consumer Credit and Debit Work” by using the search word finance
Gearhead Mania looks at a variety of types of cars and bikes: classic, muscle, superbikes and supercars.    Username: bayside  Pasword: library  Type the word cars in the search bar to find the car titles, plus, type superbikes to find another great book!
The six title Fashions of a Decade series looks at fashion through the decades, beginning with the Roaring Twenties through to the 1990s. Username: bayside Password: libraryNew!!   Encyclopedia of World Clothing and Fashion Username: bayside Password: library
Find history ebooks here on the following topics: the Panama Canal, the Chernobyl Disaster, Hurricane Katrina, the Jamestown Colony, the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, the Hindenburg Disaster, the Earthquake in Haiti and the Titanic.  Username: bayside    Password: library
Scare yourself silly with these horror titles: The Creature from the Depths, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Mummy, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Tell Tale Heart, Werewolf, Xtreme Monters: Vampires, Xtreme Monsters: Zombies, andthe World of Horror: Witches. Username: bayside    Password: library
The Hunting: Pursuing Wild Game series looks at all aspects of hunting: avoiding danger; falconry and game hunting; hunting dogs; record-breaking harvests; big game hunting; small game hunting; turkey hunting; varmint hunting; waterfowl hunting; and wing shooting.    Username: bayside   Password: library   Type hunting in the search bar to find the titles
The History of Philosophy series is a three volume set: Ancient Philosophy from 600 BCE to 500CE; Medieval Philosophy from 500 to 1500 CE; and Modern Philosophy from 1500 CE to the Present. Username: bayside   Password: library Click on Philosophy and Religion to access.
The Human Body series is a detailed series about all the organs and systems that make the human body work and is a great resource for kinesiology course. Photographs and labeled diagrams are included in each volume.  Username: bayside Password: library You’ll find ten of the titles by typing human body into the search bar, the Respiratory systems by typing in respiratory and the kidney and renal system by typing in kidney.
The Strong, Beautiful Girls series is found here: Beautiful Me, Do You Love Me?, Frenemies, Mixed Messages, Out of the Dark, Under Pressure, and Taking A Stand. As well, you’ll find the following health issues books: HIV AIDS, Biological and Chemical Warfare, Genetically Modified Foods, Organ and Body Transplants and The Vaccination Debate. Username: bayside Password: library
The Drug Abuse and Society series looks at the impact of the abuse prescription drugs, street drugs and performance enhancing drugs. Learn about how these drugs alter the body, and how they can change life for the worse when abused: cafeeine and nicotine, cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin,  methamphetamine, oxycontin, prescription drugs, ritalin and steroids.Username: bayside Password: library  Click on “browse all ebooks” and scroll down until you find the title.
Excellent ebooks to help with your science assignments.  You’ll find resources on  invasive and endangered species, the periodic table, and atoms, molecules and compounds.  Make sure to use the indexes to find your topic.Username: bayside    Password: library
Studying the planets in grade nine science?  Check out two excellent ebooks here.Username: baysidesecondary   Password: library
Finding Shakespearean vocabulary a challenge?  Become the expert in your class by checking out these e guides on the following titles: King Lear, Othello, The Sonnets, The Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, and Twelfth Night.Username: bayside    Password: library
Find ebooks here on the following current topics: assisted suicide, binge drinking, energy security, genetic engineering, global warming, globalization, human trafficking, media censorship, natural disasters, nuclear weapons, performance enhancing drugs, racial profiling, racism, and world population.
Username: bayside    Password: library
A Disasters series on the following disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, shipwrecks and volcanoes.  Log in to “My Library” and type disasters into the search menu  Username: bayside      Password: library
Taking Foods or enjoy cooking as a hobby? You’ll find ebooks on the cultures and cooking of the following countries: Brazil, China, France, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico and Thailand.
Username: bayside    Password: library
triologyGreat resource for senior students taking Triology.
Username: bayside    Password: library