Cooperative Education (Co-op)


Cooperative education combines workplace learning experiences with classroom theory. The course enables students to apply knowledge and skills from related courses in school to the working environment and to explore future careers.

A cooperative education course consists of:

  • pre-placement training in school
  • learning objectives from related course(s) 
  • a Co-op work experience placement out of school
  • instructional days in school through the semester
  • reflective learning and culminating activities
  • Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the Co-op placement. There may be additional costs for equipment such as safety boots if required in the placement.

Co-op Credits:

Students complete 2 or 4 credits by working half or full days in their Co-op placement. Students must attend for the full semester and achieve a minimum of 110 hours for each Co-op credit. They must complete pre-placement training, the placement experience, regularly scheduled in-class instructional days, and all assignments including culminating activities and an exam.

Value to Students:

  • encourages student to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for employment
  • helps students identify their individual capabilities and interests
  • develops responsibility
  • expands awareness of job opportunities
  • helps students make informed career and educational decisions

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Dual credit opportunities are associated with career education or Co-op programs. Students earn secondary school credits while attending approved dual credit courses at Loyalist College. When high school students attend courses on a college campus, a secondary school teacher provides support and supervision. It is important to note that college assessment and evaluation policies are used in order to earn credit for the course. Seats in dual credit programs and courses are limited and involve an application process. A variety of courses are offered each semester.

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