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Message from the Principal

Bayside Secondary School is a learning environment and has a school culture that is second to none. It is a positive, healthy, and proactive school community with high academic standards, a massive extracurricular program and a wide variety of supports. Staff promote excellence by engaging students in relevant, challenging curriculum and an extracurricular program that reflects student interests.

Coming to Bayside will be the beginning of an exciting, new experience in a new school with new teachers, new courses and an opportunity to make new friends. To many others, it will be a continuation of “The Bayside Experience”. Regardless of whether you are in your first year or your fourth year, get involved and commit to getting the most out of high school as you can. I strongly encourage students to actively participate in the daily life of the school.

I encourage you to regularly check-in with our school’s website and follow us on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and on Facebook.