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Bayside Outside

Bayside Outside Program
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Bayside Outside is part of a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program focused on the Environment. The nature of this program allows for the ultimate in experiential education: students learn through doing. Bayside Outside students will gain field training experience and earn industry-recognized certifications. Along with classwork and reports, students will engage in field trips and outdoor integrated studies to learn the academic material covered within the courses.



This program is open to all students in all pathways.


Students will select their choices in Guidance in consultation with a counsellor. Do NOT select these courses individually. You will use the placeholder ECO3X4 in My Blueprint.


Grade 11 - Semester 2

SVN3E/M (Environmental Science)

CGG3O (Ecotourism Geography)

NBE3E/C/U (English)

PAD3O (Outdoor Activities)


Grade 12 - Semester 1


CGR4E/M (Environment and Resource Management) or CGW 4C/4U

Co-op (2 credit co-op placement in any Environmental Sector)