We will be providing 3 buses for students who need transportation to and from Bayside for Red Devil’s Day.  The chart below shows times and pick-up locations.


Bus No.

Location for Pick up and Drop Off

Pickup Time

Drop-off Time


a. Stirling Senior School


b. Vermilyea Rd @ Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd

     (Old township hall parking lot)

9:20 am



9:30 am

1:30 pm



1:20 pm


a. Frankford Public School


b. OLCO Gas Station @ Glen Miller Bridge / Hwy 33


c. RCAF Hockey Arena @ RCAF Rd

9:20 am


9:25 am


9:40 am

1:30 pm


1:25 pm


1:10 pm


a. Moira Secondary School (South East Parking Lot)


b. Quinte Secondary School (Rear Parking Lot)


c. Centennial Secondary School (South Parking Lot)

9:20  am


9:30  am


9:40  am

1:30 pm


1:20 pm


1:10  pm