Advanced Placement (AP) is an exciting opportunity for students to challenge themselves to a rigorous academic experience. This opportunity is available to all students who consider themselves highly motivated and especially interested in specific areas of study. There is no cost to the student to register in AP credits, nor is there a cost to the school to offer AP courses.

You can learn more by watching the Advanced Placement Video  

The courses themselves are offered within the regular subject (i.e.ENG4UAP students would be part of the ENG4U class) taken in most cases during the first semester of the school year. The external examinations for AP credits are written in May followed by the high school’s regular exams in June.

The grading scale for AP is:
5 = Extremely well qualified
4 = Well qualified
3 = Qualified
2 = Possibly qualified

Students may choose at the time of the exam(s) to have their mark(s) sent or not to the post-secondary schools of their choice. There is a fee to write the exam.

Students who are considering AP should consult with their subject teachers and Guidance teacher in order to plan their AP experience.


Benefits for Students

  • It provides university credits for courses taken in high school

  • It develops the analytical and study skills required to succeed in
    university courses

  • It motivates students to undertake more challenging work in both high school and university

  • There is no fee to register in AP (there is a modest fee for each exam)


Benefits for High Schools

  • It enhances the quality of their curriculum
  • It challenges their academically capable students
  • It provides opportunities for staff to teach capable, motivated students in demanding courses
  • It adds to the school’s reputation for high quality and standards