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The Philosophy Course

The philosophy course at Bayside combines innovative projects with a solid academic foundation for students wishing to pursue studies in history, ethics, law, the arts, politics or the social sciences.   Here is an overview of subjects, discussion topics and assignments in our Philosophy classroom:

Ethics - why don't we always tell the truth?
Metaphysics - does God exist?  do we share a common reality? what is existence?
Epistemology - how do we learn? is knowledge ever certain?
Aesthetics - what makes art, "art"?  what is beautiful? what is the purpose of art?
Logic - how do we make our assumptions valid? how do we argue a side we don't necessarily agree with?
Socio-Political - who makes the best leader? how should we be governed?

Here are a few magazine assignments submitted by former students:

Søren Kierkegaard John Locke  
Noam Chomsky