Life Skills Programme
Students enrolled in the Life Skills Programme at Bayside Secondary School attend an individually oriented self-contained, alternative programme. Here, each student pursues individual language and communication, numeracy, personal life, healthy living, and social skills goals while actively engaged in various in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities including news, daily journal writing and class novel, shopping, cooking, arts and crafts, physical education, school recycling (Earthcare Programme), learning partnerships with other school-based programs, fund raising endeavours, dances and other school and community activities and excursions. As the programme centres around, and is directed by, the specific student needs, each student is able to grow at his or her own pace within this supportive learning environment.

Student Accommodations and Modifications

The primary goal of the Special Education Department is to support student achievement in his/her respective pathway.  Individually designed instruction is provided to meet the unique needs of students with special needs through accommodations and/or modifications. Students eligible for Special Education services have Individualized Educational Plans (I.E.P.s) that can include both Special Education and Regular Education classes. The I.E.P is designed to accurately reflect the student’s learning needs and assist teachers in supporting student success.

Resource Room
The Resource Room is available for students who require extra help with assignments, tests, or any other academic functions. Students are able to access computers, assistive equipment, and learning materials. The Resource Room provides a quiet and supportive environment where students are able to work and receive help to enable them to achieve individual success. Some students are be assigned to the Resource Room for their MSIP period or a Learning Strategies credit.

South Campus
South Campus offers an alternate setting for students who are working independently on Individual Learning Courses. It is located on Frost Road. Students work with a classroom teacher and Educational Assistant in the morning and for part of the afternoon. Their Lunch and Period Six MSIP is programmed on the Main Campus.