We have a strong and dynamic program in the Visual Arts at Bayside Secondary School. Our foundation Courses in Grades Nine and Ten Art cover areas such as; Drawing, Painting Printmaking, Sculpture, and Theory. These courses introduce students to the language of the visual arts, with a focus on exploring and developing technique through the use of a variety of art media. Our senior courses in Grade Eleven and Twelve Art, also cover these areas, but emphasize creativity, and process of making art. Our senior students have won awards on the Local, Regional, and Provincial levels for their work.

We also have a fully developed Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement program starting in Grade Ten Art. Students who are interested in more advanced studies can take these challenging options, and possibly earn a university credit while at high school. This is a important option if you are University or College bound. The courses offered with the Advance Placement option are Pre-AP in Grade Ten and Eleven and AP Studio courses in; 2D Studio Design, 3D Studio Design, and 2D Studio Drawing. We also have an academic course in Advanced Placement Art History. A score of 4 or 5 on each of these options may earn students a university credit.

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