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Extracurricular Clubs

Bayside offers a wide variety of extracurricular clubs for students including:
Athletic Council
Organizes and runs intramurals, Bayside’s Athletic Awards, pep rallies, and plan special events/field trips such as seeing an Ottawa Senators game.

Weight Room
Want to get in shape for next season?  Interested in improving your personal fitness? Join the weight room!  Membership fee is $10.00 for the entire year!.

Peer Tutoring
Senior students are available for gr.9’s and gr.10’s for extra help during MSIP and lunch.

Theatre Amnesty
This committee raises money for the foundation of Amnesty International. One of their big events is the Coffee House
Concert Band & Jazz Band.   For more information see Mr. Fairbrother.
Reading Club
Students explore a variety of novels and topic areas through informal discussions.

Co-op News

This semester we welcome Mr. Cameron Winmill to Bayside and to the Co-op Department.  Mr. Winmill will work with Mr. Morrow as a co-op teacher specialist and we are pleased to add his talents to our experiential learning team.

Before starting their placements in late September, our Co-op students studied employment rights and responsibilities and they earned certifications in WHMIS and workplace safety.  They gained the real-life experience of using their resumes, cover letters and career research skills in their interviews with potential co-op employers.

Our Co-op placements reflect the many interests and possible career directions of our students.   These include science and engineering, fashion, graphic design, medical and dental,  and many service industries.  Our skilled trade partnerships continue to thrive and once again we have excellent training placements in automotive, plumbing, electrical, construction and many skilled trades.  We currently have a student in an outstanding training opportunity in the  Construction Engineering shops at CFB Trenton and we hope to continue this placement next semester.

Bayside’s hairstyle apprentices started their professional training at St. Lawrence College on September 14th.  They go to college one day a week, and then continue to learn in their co-op placements. This gives them the exciting prospect of graduating from high school in June not only with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but as a registered apprentice with Part 1 Qualifications and many hours of employable experience.  Next semester, our students will be participating in the Ontario Youth Apprentice Program as carpenters, cooks, brick masons, construction craft-workers, early childhood educators, and automotive service technicians.

Co-op provides dynamic opportunities to explore potential careers and to reflect carefully on post-secondary destinations.  It’s a great experience that develops useful knowledge and skills and it often helps students with the transition from school to further education, training or employment.  

Guidance News

Potential graduates will be meeting with Guidance teachers beginning September to go over transcripts and begin the process of getting ready for graduation.  Guidance will hold a series of workshops for planning post-secondary careers and programs.  Graduates will be given information packages to share with their families about the application process for Colleges, Universities and Apprenticeships.   Mr. Mastorakos is available to assist graduates  with Scholarship applications.  Universities and Colleges are holding workshops each week in Guidance, so be sure to sign-up in the green binder!  Parents may look at www.ouac.on.ca or www.ontariocolleges.ca for information.