Extracurricular Clubs

Bayside offers a wide variety of extracurricular clubs for students including:
Athletic Council
Organizes and runs intramurals, Bayside’s Athletic Awards, pep rallies, and plan special events/field trips such as seeing an Ottawa Senators game.

Weight Room
Want to get in shape for next season?  Interested in improving your personal fitness? Join the weight room!  Membership fee is $10.00 for the entire year!.

Peer Tutoring
Senior students are available for gr.9’s and gr.10’s for extra help during MSIP and lunch.

Theatre Amnesty
This committee raises money for the foundation of Amnesty International. One of their big events is the Coffee House
Concert Band & Jazz Band.   For more information see Mr. Fairbrother.
Reading Club
Students explore a variety of novels and topic areas through informal discussions.