BSS Partnerships

Bayside Secondary has developed a number of partnerships with the community as well as national and international organizations over the past few years.  Our Food for Learning program has been strongly supported by the HPEDSB Learning Foundation as well as a number of local businesses and sponsors.  Recently, our greenhouse was revitalized with the help of volunteers from the Trenton Horticultural Society along with support from local businesses. 

Our school is closely associated with the Free the Children organization and has had guest 
speakers from the organization visit the school and work with our student leaders.  As well, some of our fundraising campaigns have supported this organization. 

Over the last three years, our students have been working with Global Awareness to raise funds to
build schools in different regions of the school.  With the support of other school partners and businesses, the school was successful in raising enough money to support the building of a school
in China and presently, we are raising funds to build a school in China.

We have numerous other partnerships at the school including work with Amnesty International, many businesses for Coop placements as well as individuals and organizations that support our  individual classes.

Bayside Secondary wishes to thank all individuals, groups, businesses and organization for their  ongoing support of the school and their generous support to assist the education of our students.