At Bayside, we formally report students' progress eight times through the year – three times each semester plus an additional "In-Danger" report when necessary.  The four different reports for each semester are:

Early Progress Report
A quick peek at progress after five weeks of class. Students carry this report home. The semester 1 Parent/Teacher interview date appears on this report (as well as in the August newsletter) and occurs shortly after this report is sent home.

Second Reports
Second reports occur at approximately the nine-week point in each semester. Marks are then calculated, and reports are prepared and sent home with students. This occurs in mid-November (Semester One) and mid-April (Semester Two).

In-Danger Report (if needed)
Students with marks under approximately 60% after eleven weeks of class will receive an in-danger notice to remind them that consistent and on-going effort is required as well as careful preparation for final exams. These notices are mailed home.

Final Report
Final Reports are sent home in February (Semester One) and July (Semester Two).