Multi-Subject Instructional Period

Bayside Secondary students have a class called MSIP (Multi-Subject Instructional Period). We take fifteen minutes from every class in the day and use that time to create the MSIP class. During your MSIP period, you will have the opportunity to work independently on assignments and homework from your classes and get help from teachers if you need it. Students have the ability to access facilities across the school (computer labs, art room, tech, science labs, Learning Commons etc.) during this period. MSIP is an unbeatable academic opportunity.


Bayside runs on a six-period timetable, including four 60-minute classes, a 60-minute lunch, and one 60-minute MSIP, the Multi-Subject Instructional Period. MSIP is scheduled throughout the day for all students in grades 9-12, and each individual class is composed of students in all grade levels and pathways.

  • Classroom behaviour, work ethic, and attendance expectations are the same as for any other class.
  • Students are expected to be engaged in MSIP. Students should come prepared with learning material, a positive attitude, and clear goals to support their pathway toward graduation.
  • MSIP can be used for a variety of purposes. We use it to consolidate learning, allow for extra support, further develop our 6 learning skills (particularly post-COVID), offer guidance and literacy support, and catch up on missed work when absent for various reasons.
  • Students can access support outside of their MSIP at the discretion of the subject teacher, MSIP, and destination teacher when necessary. The proper MSIP Movement Process must be followed. 
  • Students are not allowed to go to an unassigned or unsupervised area for their MSIP. 
  • MSIP is an integral component of the Bayside Experience that will enhance positive school culture and promote high expectations for all of our students.


  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own Laptop/Chromebook every day. The use of technology is to support student learning and the completion of school work.
  • Examples of inappropriate use of MSIP class time include: streaming services, movies, or other programs, playing games, doing nothing, and using social media.
  • During the Multi-Subject Instructional Period, cell phones are to be turned off and away.  


  • It is important to recognize that students will be assessed on a daily basis for their learning skills in their MSIP class. Teachers will report on learning skills at all reporting periods. While no percentage grade will be assigned, learning skills are the foundation of a healthy learning experience and correlate with success in all academic pathways.


  • MSIP is mandated instructional time by the Ministry of Education. All students are expected to attend every MSIP class as they would all other classes throughout the day.