Specialist High Skills Major

About the Specialist High Skills Major

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a specialized program that allows students to gain credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and focus their learning on a specific economic sector at the same time. The SHSM is a Ministry of Education approved program.

Students receive the SHSM seal on their diploma when they:

  •  complete a specific bundle of 8-10 courses in the student's selected field
  •  earn industry certifications like first aid and CPR qualifications
  •  gain important skills on the job through cooperative education placements

SHSMs are available in the following 2 sectors ay Bayside, many of which lead to well-paying skilled trades careers:

Benefits of a Specialist High Skills Major

Pursuing an SHSM can help students:

  •  customize their high school education to suit their interests and talents
  •  develop specialized knowledge and skills
  •  earn credits that postsecondary educational institutions and employers recognize
  •  gain sector-recognized certification and career-relevant training
  •  engage in STEM-related activities that develop innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  •  identify, explore and refine career goals and make informed decisions about their future
  •  transition after graduation to apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace
  •  remain flexible, with the option to shift between pathways, should their goals and plans change

Graduating with an SHSM

Students who successfully complete an SHSM receive:

  •  an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with an embossed SHSM seal
  •  an SHSM record documenting their achievement
  •  formal recognition on their Ontario Student Transcript

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